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Web-site privacy policy
We would like to thank you for visiting our site. Please, read the Privacy policy before using the web-site or filling in any form. This policy describes the data processing methods used by us or other electronic communication systems on the web-site.
If you have any questions related to the processing methods or the data provided in the forms, please contact us by e-mail
Our web-site may contain hyperlinks to web-portals of third parties, which are not controlled by us and are not discussed in this policy. If you navigate to other sites using the hyperlinks, their operators may get information from you, which will be further used according their own privacy policy. In this case Owner of the website is not responsible for preservation of the privacy on web-sites of third parties.

Data collection and Purpose of use
On this web-site we collect the user data of two types:
* active data (personal data, post addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, faxes, passwords, etc.) voluntarily submitted by visitors for registration purposes.
* passive data (browser information, IP addresses, page hyperlinks, etc.)
* occasionally we may ask out visitors to answer several questions, provided in questionnaires. These questionnaires are usually related to our web-site, products or services offered. We may ask for your gender, age and other data. No personal data will be asked.The information gathered through questionnaires or surveys is intended for personal use only. Owner of the website is the only data processor. We will not use the personal identification data for direct marketing or unauthorized actions unless you give us a permission for that.
We do not provide ID or any other gathered data to any third parties except for the cases described below:
* you may pass your personal data to our partner agencies (service providers), who help us in the web-site administration. They may use the data only for web-site maintenance purposes. These agencies must keep your data safe according to agreed liabilities.
We may make your form data publicly accessible, if we are forced by legal authorities. This is done in order to protect the rights of Owner of the website in any legal process.
To protect customer data during transmission outside the site uses SSL-Data Encryption Technology.

The server, which makes this web-page accessible may be physically located outside the country, which you are accessing this site from. We collect, process and use your personal data only according to this policy.

Information security, Access, Removal and Correction of Information
You can review, correct and delete your data provided in forms by sending us an e-mail or accessing your personal account.

Storing the information
Your personal data is stored securely. Only staff working on a project, branches, agents and partner companies (who signed the non-disclosure agreement) have an access to your personal data.

Tracking technology ("Cookies")
We are using the tracking technology ("Cookies") in order to get the data about the browser and operational system type, geographical location, etc. This allows us to improve the web-site according to the needs of our customers. This data will not be disclosed outside. If you prefer not to use cookies while browsing the site, you can configure your browser accordingly. However, by disabling cookies, you will not be able to use all the the advantages of the web-site. You do not have to enable cookies for browsing or using most of the functionality of the web-site.

E-mail addresses
You may send web-page to anyone by e-mail. In order to do that we have to collect your e-mail address or e-mail addresses of persons you are sending the web-page to. E-mail addresses collected in this context are not used for any purpose other than sending your query. These e-mail addresses will be deleted as soon your query is fulfilled and Owner of a website fulfills all its liabilities according to local legislation.

Spam (sending of unsolicited information)
We are not using spam mailing. Spam is unsolicited information of an advertising or marketing character sent by e-mail without prior agreement of a recipient.

Special note for children under 16
If you are under 16 you should consult your parents or tutors before submitting your personal data. If you are unsure about any information provided in this section, you should consult them as well. We strongly recommend parents/tutors to check and control the usage of e-mails and other web services by children.
Please, inform your child that he/she is not eligible to provide any personal data without your prior notification.
All visitors under 16 years old will be asked to provide e-mail addresses of their parents/tutors. This is done for us to be able to send a copy of each e-mail to parents/tutors. You can review personal data of your child at any time, as well as correct and delete them. You may also ask us to delete any personal data of your child by sending us a query by e-mail, ordinary mail or fax to the address given in contacts.

Privacy Policy Update
We keep a right to make any changes and updates to the current privacy policy. Visitors of the web-site should occasionally check this page to check the amendments.

Acceptance of Terms
You agree and accept the processing of your personal data according to the terms and conditions stated in this Privacy Policy by reviewing this web-site, contacting us by e-mail or providing your personal data.

This Privacy Policy is governed and construed in accordance with the Latvian legislation. You accept the term to address any controversial issue, arising out of the use of this web-site, only to jurisdiction of the civil court of Latvia.