Terms of Service

This Terms of Service and conditions concluded between the Owner of the website vegolink.com and an end user of products and services bought on vegolink.com

Owner of the website keeps a right to change the following terms at any time.

Please, read carefully these terms. Owner of the website keeps a right to make changes of the rates in order to reflect any increase in prices from our supplier or any costs associated with it: taxes or maintenance costs. Please note that each mobile network operator keeps its right to change its rates for services at any time without prior notice.

Accuracy of information
Owner of the website applies its efforts in order to guarantee that all the information on our website is correct and up to date to a maximum extent. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee the quality of information about our services given on other web portals. Due to volatile nature of the market all the rates can change rapidly. We pay our attention to keep all the information up to date.
Owner of the website is not liable for any errors or omissions in this web site.

Product description
Owner of a website provides a wide range of products and services. Nevertheless, it would not be practical to try to publish technical characteristics of all our products. All the features (including the rates) are given on the website with the only single goal to give an approximate description.
In case a product or a service is described incorrectly (including wrong prices), we keep a right to cancel any order, relevant to such a product or service, even if the order has already been approved. If we decline the order which was already paid, all your expenses will be compensated, including shipment and handling costs.

All payments processed over PayPal and covered by PayPal Buyer Protection Program.
All prices listed on the website are in the US dollars (USD).

Products in stock
A full refund is provided in 30 days, in case you have ordered products which are not in stock.

Owner of a website will ship products only after receiving payment for ordered goods or services. After the product is delivered, Owner of a website is not responsible for any damage or loss. Any damage caused during shipment, storage, shortage of a product or its complete absence as well as delivery of a wrong product should be marked in an accompanying document on a delivery date.

SIM Service
Owner of a website does not give any guarantees on network coverage or network availability. This is a responsibility of a local mobile network operator in the visiting country of subscriber. When subscriber have problems with services, he or she should contact the local operator first. Owner of a website does not provide any refunds because of the problems caused by the absence of network. We will do our best to help you with activation of the services, but we do not provide any guarantees on the quality provided by local operators, SIM-card or eSIM activation procedure and cannot take responsibility on any errors or delays in activation (including further inconveniences or losses coming as a result of such errors or delays). End user of the products bought on vegolink.com is responsible for correct entry of all PIN and PUK codes, we do not take responsibility if SIM-card is blocked as a result of incorrect entry. Owner of a website guarantees that the information on rates and billing data is correct, the website is updated regularly. However, local mobile operators keep their right to change the information, therefore Owner of a website cannot be blamed for such changes.

Phone compatibility
It is a responsibility of a subscriber to use a handset, which is compatible with the Vegolink SIM card or Vegolink eSIM. You must guarantee that your phone is unlocked and compatible with the mobile networks of the countries you are going to use our products. Otherwise, you should release Owner of a website from any claims on refunds of losses. Refunds can only be provided according to our return policy, described in this terms.

Product delivery
We send purchases worldwide by using international registered letter.

Registered letter is a type of postal item that allows us to mail different types of correspondence in an envelope. Registered letter is a traceable item, for which you receive a receipt. These items are delivered to the addressee against a signature for receipt.

You can follow the progress of delivery under the link Track your item.

Orders processing time! Orders processing time is 1 business day. This also includes orders of electronic goods or services, i.e. eSIM and balance top up.

Important! Registered letter is not insured against loss, theft or damage.
We also offer mailing of insured letters, a traceable item insured against loss, theft or damage. Service is not available in all countries in the World. Additional price for insured letter is up to $3 and it will be taken from your balance of Vegolink SIM card in the case if you ask to include the service. Please contact our Customers Service, if you decide to use insurance. Amount of the insurance will be agreed with you before to include the service.

Any additional charges for customs clearance must be covered by you. We have no control over these charges and can not predict what they may be.
Customs policies vary widely from country to country, so you should contact your local customs office for further information. Additionally, please note that when ordering from vegolink.com, you are considered as the importer and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which you are receiving the purchase.

Terms of Delivery! Registered postal items mailed as priority (Class A) items immediately by the fastest means of transportation, mostly by airmail. Usually they are delivered during 10 (ten) working days. Owner of a website cannot be claimed if delivery term will take longer time than expected because we have no control over the process of delivery.

Defective products
If you have received a defective product, you should send us a claim for product change immediately to any of the contact mail addresses given in the contacts section. If the defect is a producer's fault, we will change the product free of charge. You should attach a description and pictures of the defect to the mail when contacting us.

Damaged goods
If your ordered products are delivered damaged, you should immediately inform us by mail, describing the damages caused. In most cases you should keep the package in order to prove that the product was damaged during transportation. Without the package you will not be able to claim the refund of damaged product.
Owner of a website does not take responsibility for the loss or damage of a product after the client has signed the delivery note. The client must ensure that the packaging is not damaged before signing a delivery note. The client should inform Owner of a website on any damage of a product not later than 5 working days after the delivery.

Unclaimed goods and improper purchases
If you decide that you do not need the ordered product, which is still in an undamaged condition (unpacked and unused), please contact us. We provide money back at your concern. 50% of the price of a product as well as the cost of shipment will be withdrawn from the payment. If the product is returned opened, used, damaged or defective, we will decline the reimbursement of the product.

If you want to cancel the order, which is not yet shipped, you will get a full refund. If the product is already shipped, but not yet delivered, you will receive a full refund except for the shipment cost.

When opening a claim to get a refund please specify your bank name and bank account number money should be transferred. Owner of a website provides money back during 30 days after opening a claim.